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TMLForum.com Historian, Budman wrote:

"Even if we managed to get 5000 people with tickets for the home opener to boycott and make sure their seats were empty, it would not go unnoticed. If a quarter of the ACC is empty for one game, it is a significant indication that the fans will no longer stand to be fools, puppets or cows that automatically come back to the barn every year to get milked.

Surely it can be done. Corporate season ticket holders are welcome to join our mission. Remember, this is just one game, not an entire schedule. We have to send a message. 5,000 empty seats at the opener - that would be an amazing accomplishment."

TMLForum.com Staff Writer, Kev wrote:

There have been few exceptions; championship teams at the managerial level are overwhelmingly efficient and effective at achieving cohesive communication throughout the organization as opposed to those who are not.

This model of harmonious administration and action applies directly to the success of most any corporation, regardless of market... sports franchises are seldom granted an exception. Indeed, some entities, whatever the business, have managed to overcome their own shortcomings at the top in this regard due to the performance of those who support the structure from beneath the pyramid. Yet, they are few and far between.

Unless the situation at MLSE management with regard to Leafs operations is changed, it seems the only hope for witnessing our beloved blue and white hoist the Cup down Yonge is if the players themselves can attain their maximum potential for greatness as competitors and athletes.

Until we reach the day where the Toronto Maple Leafs Hockey Club has a more centralized command structure with the primary goal in mind of winning on the ice and not to extract and exploit our hopes as fans for the primary goal of profit, we will continue to invest our own fantasies of spiritual profit in the name of hockey on nothing more than the roll of the dice.

Will this boycott work where others have failed?
No, never
Depends on Fan determination
Leafs nation is to disorganized

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