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A good way to make a statement that will be noticed and initiate change is for Leaf Nation to organize as one in boycotting the season home opener. If you have tickets or you know fans that have tickets for the home-opener, encourage, beg, plead and convince them to make a sacrifice for just one game and not attend. The more empty seats there are in the ACC on "Opening Night," the greater the impact we'll have.
This site is for all of you who, like us, have finally had it with the Toronto Maple Leafs and the 40+ years of frustration with what was once a great, proud and honourable organization. The fan-base has grown, and so has the organization, but the championship spirit and pride have long departed. Hopefully that is about to change!

The TMLBoycott.com's Mission is the same today as it was from day one, when we conceived of the two-pronged attack back in the spring. We seek to influence the Toronto Maple Leafs , MLSE and promote positive, productive and proactive change in the organization starting at its ownership structure.   As committed fans we should have a say in how the team is run, but MLSEL treats fans like an open-wallet, nothing more.  It's time to show them what that wallet can do.
Next, we will target the sponsors, the companies and corporations that spend big bucks to have their signage on the boards at the ACC, in the overheads by the exits and who air spots on television and radio, even those that take out big ads in the papers with the Leafs logo emblazoned with their own in a co-sponsored promotional offer. We'll take our business from them for a specified period of time and, instead, go to their competitors. But we'll do more than just boycott them.  We'll let them know we're boycotting them. Every single one of us will write to the CEO of those companies and tell them that as long as they are affiliated with the Leafs, we refuse to give them our money. No more $30.00 fill-ups at Esso or Canadian Tire, no more Big Macs or Timbits, no more drills and nails from Canadian Tire or sandwiches from Subway. Not until there's change.
We're going to pick a day, perhaps in October or November when all of us, united, will stop patronizing the 5 specific sponsors that we'll start with. From that day onward, we won't shop at those stores or eat at those restaurants or buy their products. And we'll provide here in this site sample letters you can use as a template to send to the CEO of each of the 5 targeted companies. We'll even provide names and addresses.  More importantly, we'll stick to our commitment and not spend our money at the target operations until there's change. Complete discussions will be held at www.TMLFA.com on targeted sponsors.

I've had enough of this! Have you?
Some define madness as someone "doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results!" Let’s stop this madness, this has to stop and stop immediately! The only way to make a statement that will be noticed is to boycott the Season Home opener and Leafs sponsors . 
www.TMLFA.com is the first and original Toronto Maple Leafs Fan Association and www.TMLForum.com is where the average fan can share their opinions without fear of censorship or retaliation from MLSEL; where everyday, ordinary fans can find information, become organized and united in positive action designed to force our voices to be heard. It is truly a place where taking action or just taking part is right at your keyboard.

There are literally hundreds, possibly thousands, of sites for Leafs Nation, but none that truly are independent of political influence.There is no place like this, where Leafs Nation has a unified association that can be heard as one voice. That is, until now.

We can all become better, active and influential sports fans by exchanging ideas and sharing thoughts and insights. The power of the World Wide Web makes this exchange possible. www.TMLBoycott.com is in partnership with www.TMLFA.com ( Toronto Maple Leafs Fan Association) and www.TMLForum.com wherein Leafs enthusiasts from across the block, city, nation, or around the world can engage in dialogues and ideas that will question and challenge all of Leafs Nation.

Our web sites: www.TMLFever.com, www.TMLForum.com and www.TMLFA.com cater to all things Leafs and we invite you to be a part of our communities. We promise an unwavering commitment to our browsers of visual enjoyment and the hope that your stay with us will be pleasant and informative.

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Are you ready to take the first step for real definitive action? Come join us! Its fast, fun, and free!
I'm getting fed up of seeing pictures on the net like these.
Step One!       The boycotting of a season home opener!
Boycott Logo
Step Two!       Target the sponsors!